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Nail Surgery

St Luke’s Surgery
Pinfold Health Centre
Field Road
Bloxwich, Walsall

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Operation at St Luke's Surgery

Where are we?

The Pinfold Health Centre is a large building near the ASDA at the corner of High street and Pinfold/Field Road, in Bloxwich, Walsall. After you enter the building, take the glass door to the right hand side: St Luke Surgery has the first reception desk . Please come to our reception about 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
When you arrive
When you report to the reception, you will be booked in and handed a consent form. The consent form makes you ware of all the risks and complications of surgical procedures. Please make sure you can read the consent or have some one who can read and explain it to you. Please give yourself enough time. There is no guarantee that the procedure 'will be done' at the scheduled time. Although we make every effort to do the operation on time, it can be delayed on occasions
Pre -Operation
The doctor will examine you and speak to you and come to a shared decision if the operation is appropriate. The operation will not be done in certain circumstances as stated at the end as the NHS cannot fund these. The procedure, possible complications and recovery time will be explained to you. The surgical team will then go through a 'WHO checklist' to make sure the procedure can go ahead safely.
Operations are done after injecting a local anaesthetic solution to numb the area. If you feel any pain at all after the numbing injection, you must tell the doctor and he will inject more local anaesthetic. ( There are no brownie points for being stoic!)
Post Operation: At the end of operation the wound may be stitched or cauterised. If the stitches are non- dissolving it will have to be removed either by us or your own practice nurse. If you want us to remove the stitches please book an appointment at the reception desk before you leave. You will be given a leaflet on post operative care before you leave. You can contact us if there is any undue pain, swelling, redness or discharge.
Suture Removal.
If sutures are non dissolving, they need to be taken out depending on the area of body in general.
The approximate times are
1.Face 5 days
2.Hand & Scalp 7 days
3.Trunk 10 days
4.Back &Limbs 14 days
Histopathological Examination: All surgically removed tissue or swelling will be sent to Laboratory for examination. The results of this examination will be available on computer (Fusion) in about 3 weeks. If the result requires further treatment we will contact both you and your doctor for needed action. Normal results requiring no action is communicated only to your doctor. However you must make sure you know the result by contacting us on 01922 775515 Tue/Wed/Thu 11.00 to 3.00PM. Your own surgery also can tell you the results. This is because on rare occasions a benign looking skin lesion can turn out to have cancer in it on Laboratory examination.
Car Parking. There is limited Car parking at the Pinfold Health Centre. The car park at ASDA can also be used if you have some shopping at the store or use the Pharmacy there. You can usually find some parking on the side roads off the Field Road. Parking can be scarce on Wednesday morning and coming in good time to find parking would be sensible.
Bus and Train Buses are frequent and convenient. 301, 302, 159 , 29, and X51 stop nearby. Bloxwich North rail station is about 15 minute walk away, but trains run at about 60 minutes interval.

Cosmetic and Procedures of Limited Clinical Value.(PLCV)

Many people have moles or lumps or skin tags that are benign and not causing any symptoms. There is no 'Medical need' for removal. These are deemed as cosmetic removals and are not funded on the NHS. If on examination it is deemed to be a PLCV, the operation will not be done on the NHS. (However we may be able to do this privately. Private operations cost between £100 and 250)
Some other condition may need operating only in certain situations. If these yardsticks (criteria) are not met, again operation, will be declined.
Suspected Cancer.
We are not allowed to operate on any skin lesion suspected of being malignant. You will either be referred back to your doctor or sent to the appropriate specialist by a 2week fast track referral.