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St. Luke's Surgery Appointments

Tel : 01922 775136 / 775137
Fax : 775198

You can make an appointment by telephone or in person or through the internet: You can book appointments via internet and ’self check in at the desk on the computer screen. You have to register at the surgery for internet service and get a password.

Symptom Checker

It is possible to book appointments in advance. However some slots are reserved for urgent same day appointments.

We will make every effort to see children under 4 years the same day. If appointments are not available on the day the receptionists will offer you a Telephone consultation.

Nurse Triage : On certain busy days, a trained nurse will speak to you first before booking to see the doctor.

Telephone Consultation

If you ring between 12 and 1 pm you may be able talk to the doctor/nurse straight away. At other times/if doctor is engaged, the receptionist takes down your name and landline number and the doctor rings you later in the day often at lunchtime but can be later.

Blood Test Other Investigation Results

Emergency Contraception

Contact Reception ask to speak to Nurse/Doctor urgently or come in to the reception / contact Hatherton Centre


Appointments with Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Angela Tranter

The receptionist will ask you the nature of the problem in order to arrange an appropriate appointment for you and ascertain if it is appropriate to see the practice nurse or utilise the telephone consultation system.

The conditions the nurse is trained to deal with include :

Bites and stings, Minor Burns, Hay Fever Skin Rashes, Eczema, Chest Infections, Sore Throat, Ear Infections, Muscular pains/strains, Morning After Pill, Vaginal Discharge, Eye Infections Sinusitis, Minor Injuries Sexual Health Advice, Urinary Tract infections (sample needed), Condom Supply

Appointment with Practice Nurse – Advance Booking

Please book with any one of the Practice Nurses for the following services :

General Health Checks, Blood Pressure Checks, Contraceptive Pills Checks, Cervical Smear tests, HRT follow up, Dietary Advice Stitch Removal Dressing, Flu Injection Pneumonia injection

Appointments with Nurse

Book with Nurse for Smoking Cessation, Asthma routine checks and when it plays up, Bronchitis check up and when it plays up, Warfarin Check, Sexual Health(Smear/Swab/Discharge)

Health Care Assistants - Laura

Weight Management, Blood tests ECG, Wound dressings, Stitch removal, Blood Pressure Checks, Assists the nursing team in Chronic Disease Management.

Kath Day can do joint injections

Sick Notes

Travel Advice and Immunisation

If you are travelling abroad see the nurse well in advance—at least 6 weeks. Please complete a travel health questionnaire form so that we can give you adequate information. There will be a charge for some prescriptions and injections.

Out Of Hours Emergencies

Self Referral